Dublin (Ireland), October 28-29, 2010

Long Room Hub - Trinity College Dublin


Program and additional information are available here.

Download the call for papers here.


The First TEMPO conference will focus on the broad theme of international migration. Topics of interest include circular and return migration; the role of social networks and diaspora externalities; remittances; migration and the pattern of trade/FDI; brain drain; migration and institutional/technological change; immigrant integration and immigration policies.



Fredéric Docquier (Université Catholique de Louvain)

David McKenzie (World Bank)

Giovanni Peri (University of California, Davis)

Hillel Rapoport (Harvard University)

Dean Yang (University of Michigan)


Organizers: Catia Batista (Trinity College Dublin and IZA) and Gaia Narciso (Trinity College Dublin).

Program committee: Herbert Brücker (IAB); Giovanni Facchini (Erasmus University Rotterdam and CEPR); Jan Van Ours (Tilburg University); Panu Poutvaara (University of Helsinki).

Financial Support: This conference is supported by the project TEmporary Migration, integration and the role of POlicies (TEMPO) (Principal Investigator: Giovanni Facchini), funded by the NORFACE research programme on Migration in Europe - Social, Economic, Cultural and Policy Dynamics (Scientific Director: Christian Dustmann).